Our Warranty

Here at PureRest, we make our mattresses to last! We believe you will be sleeping on one of the safest and natural mattresses you can sleep on! We make our mattresses in San Diego, CA.

Our goal is to always make it right for you.

Mattresses: 20 years-10 non-prorated/10 pro-rated

Sleep Trial- 120 Days

This warranty is non-transferable and only covers if you are the original purchasing consumer and purchased directly from PureRest Organics or from an authorized dealer.


  • Any manufacturing defect in the mattress cover such as the fabric tearing or stitching unraveling.
  • Any cosmetic damages to the Mattress, NOT caused by normal wear and tear or that affect the performance of the Mattress.
  • Body impressions with more than 1.5” indentation if the mattress is supported by an appropriate foundation and used with an appropriate frame or center support/slat Foundation- broken or loose modules or grid top in the box spring Broken or split wood slats in the foundation

Not Covered-

  • Any physical flaw in the natural latex foam that causes it to split or crack under conditions of normal use and proper handling.
  • Impressions with less than 1.5” indentation Damage or “sagging” due to the use of a wrong foundation/frame.
  • Damage caused by spills, burns, accidents, mold, or other acts of nature. Cover misusage, laundering, or normal wear and tear
  • Mold, odors, and/or discoloration caused by abnormal care including, but not limited to liquid spills, improper ventilation including, but not limited to humid climates and/or areas where the Mattress is exposed to excessive water or humidity.
  • Comfort preference, bedding height, and size.

Mattress Pads- 1 year

Toppers- 2 Years

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