7″ Harmony


Handcrafted with you in mind, the Harmony is our all-natural 7” organic cotton damask quilted mattress with temperature regulating, bacterial resistant Eco-Wool batting, and Organic  Dunlop Latex. A two- 3″ layer latex core makes this a thinner mattress with firm support and a slight cushion added for your sleeping comfort.


This is a firm mattress, ideal for back sleepers, and perfect for growing kids or teens that will last long after they’re still making trips home for the weekend!

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The Perfect Mattress To Grow With Your Kids

How do you find the perfect mattress for your kids? One that is comfortable, durable yet doesn't have all the potentially harmful chemicals a traditional mattress carries. We've designed this bed with your kids (3-13 years old) in mind.

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Zippered Cover

All our mattresses come with a zippered cover which gives you flexibility. Need to change comfort down the road? A zippered cover gives the ability to change a layer when you need it.

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100% Organic Cotton

Soft, cool, and cozy everything you ever want in a bed this is why we use it, not to mention it's 100% certified organic as well.

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3" Latex Layers

Using 3" layers in our mattresses allow you switch them up for a firmer or softer layer. You control your comfort.

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Premium EcoWool

100% organically processed premium ecowool sourced from Oregon. Wool is breathable, wicks away moisture, and natural fire barrier to keep your kids safe and comfortable.

Certified for your peace of mind


GOLS Certified


GOTS Certfied


OEKO-TEX Certified


Eco Institut Certified


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