Who Are We(Pure-Rest History):

Ecobaby, Inc & Pure-Rest Organics Offers over 20 Years of Purity and Quality Manufacturing in everything organic textiles for the home and family, including babies. We take care of your natural needs from birth and throughout life.

Our line of Organic Cotton & Ecowool outer Natural Latex Mattresses & Innerspring Mattresses, Natural & Organic Sheets, Pillows, Pads, Comforters, Blankets, and Baby Bedding & Mattresses are made of high quality organic and natural materials. We believe in just straightforward natural organic products as we recognize the need for purity from the start and through the consumer's door.

USA Manufacturer:

Pure-Rest Organics believes in supporting our countries economy by basing our primary manufacturing operations in the United States. All of our Organic Mattresses, baby and adult, are made here in our San Diego facility. Additionally, many of our raw materials and finished products are completely USA made.

In addition by supporting Pure-Rest Organics, you also support dozens of stay at home moms who carry our products through their own web portals and many brick and mortar stores and boutiques through out the United States.

Pure-Rest Purity:

Our commitment to purity is the reason we send our materials for third party testing. This testing, depending on what is being testing, tests the raw material or product from 100 parts per billion(.1 mg/kg) or 1 part per million(1 mg/kg).

Our various certifications can be viewed, along with our testing, at our Certifications and Testing Section.

We truly believe in purity which is why we are extremely strict on where and who we get our raw materials from to make our amazing organic products.

All of our Ecowool, all of our organic cotton batting, and most of our organic cotton fabrics come from the USA(including our 280TC and 400TC organic cotton sheet sets).. Our Certified organic wool is from New Zealand and is not fumigated when brought to the USA. In addition to that, we only get our natural rubber from Sri Lanka as we have found the natural rubber from this country to meet our strict purity standards.

We get all of our wool strictly from Wool Gatherers as we have found only them to be of the purity we require to be used in our products. They are the only company in the USA that has there wool organically processed in addition to meeting our other purity standards. Their actual carding facility is certified organic by oregon tilth to the GOTS standard.

We only get Dunlop processed natural latex and not Talalay processed as we have found the Talalay process not to meet our purity standards. We do not use flame retardant chemicals in our mattresses or other products.

To ensure further purity, our location, floors, and sewing tables are painted with AFM Safecoat, which seals our location, floors, and sewing tables. We also only hire people willing to use no scented products and whom do not live with a smoker. Additionally, we seal any non washable products in pure virgin polyethylene to maintain purity during storage and transit. We do this all in an effort to make sure your organic products do not become contaminated and do maintain their purity.

Our Showroom(if you would like to come visit us) is located in the same building where we manufacture our products here in San Diego, CA.

We are open from 9AM-2:30PM Monday-Friday for our showroom hours.

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